Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language
Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language
© copyright 1995-2004 Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.

The artwork reproduced here is from my book (W. Roberts, 2003), edited and reformatted for the web and with some additional commentary and an interactive Flash animation to assist in communicating the method of composition.

Magic Square

Scale-of-lines worksheet for genetic composition of art shown below

Wayne Roberts, Scale-of-lines for
Magic Square , 1995
graphite on tracing paper
70 (h) x 75 (w) cm
© 1995 Wayne Roberts

Magic Square, genetic composition in art based on scale-of-lines 'gene pool' shown above

An example of ‘genetic composition’, 1995
see artist’s commentary to the painting in the book (W. Roberts, 2003). Acrylic painting on Belgian linen, 167.5cm (h) x 167.5 cm (w), © 1995 Wayne Roberts, stréba series. All rights reserved.

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