Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language
Principles of Nature: towards a new visual language
© copyright 1977 - 2004. Wayne Roberts. All rights reserved.   Site blog

The artwork reproduced here is from my book (W. Roberts, 2003), edited and reformatted for the web.

Sun & Carillon


Sun & Carillon, watercolour painting by Wayne Roberts

Watercolour on Arches 300gsm cold-pressed paper, 1978 Commended, 1978, Modern Section, Ryde Art Society Originally exhibited under the title Trapped in Gravity’s Net
75 cm (h) x 54 cm (w), © 1978 Wayne Roberts . All rights reserved. Artist’s collection.

It is intriguing how this painting of the author's seems to have subconsciously anticipated (by some twenty years) the current book’s theme, inspired as it is by the idea of the unit, and in particular the quantisation of space, and its emphasis on the triangular nature of numbers of the form p2.

(Carillon and quadrangle of Sydney University)

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